About Funky Splashbacks

Funky Splashbacks is a small family business owned and run by myself, Jo Omar and my partner Matt Watts from our home studio in Wales.

I am an artist and designer, graduated from Loughborough Art college with a degree in Printed Textiles. Matt is a financial advisor who is also very practical so he fits the splashbacks, with a little help from me......"right a bit....left a bit....' that sort of thing! He also builds the stands for any shows we do and helps with the sales and marketing.

Funky Splashbacks Show Stand

We started 'Funky Splashbacks' after struggling to find a splashback for our own kitchen, all that seemed to be available were tiles or stainless steel. We had a blank space above the cooker for a year that was getting a bit grubby so I had the idea to paint something on the wall but also wanted to use glass as it is so durable and easy to keep clean. This idea soon evolved, after a bit of trail and error, into painting a design onto the back of the glass.

We had a fantastic response from whoever saw it and soon we were doing commissions.

I love designing and making something that is a piece of art and also very practical!

Jo Omar